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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 "for 40 years, donald has washington that you're angry about."((walter that was the serious, civil part of this debate... it got wilder... and even funnier... trump and rubio calling each other "big donald" and "little marco"... and that's just the beginning. 3 ((jen hold the 3 *workout... pass the *wine. turns out a *nightcap... might be the best way to lose weight! 3 ((walter and... great weekend weather is coming... but you might have to deal
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mike shows us what's on the radar. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with mike bennett, he's in for dave. 3 3 (mike 3 early morning showers, then increasing sun. seasonable and 3 3 (jen
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3 cruz says: "let me point out donald actually (trump interrupts) breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it, breathe! i know it's hard. i know it's hard but just ... " rubio says: "when they're done with their yoga can i answer a question?" cruz says: "you cannot. (trump interrupts) i really hope that we don't see yoga on this stage." --jen/ 3 they might *need yoga... it's supposed to be *calming, after all... and last night's republican debate, was anything but. 3 g-o-p debate this campaign season... and this showdown was a slugfest. (walter) in fact, it might have been the *most heated of all... as fox's joel waldman shows us: donald trump still leads... but his rivals are still in the *race, and
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3 the final four taking to the stage ... the stakes never higher this primary season. tonight's debate in detroit coming just two days after g-o-p frontrunner, donald trump, dominated his opponents ... picking up 7-of-11 states on "super tuesday".... trump says: "i was half a million votes higher than him, i was a million votes higher than marco ... one million votes, that's alot of votes." trump's rising delegate count ... more than 300 so far ....making tonight one of the last chances to derail the trump train ... cruz, winning "super tuesday's biggest prize, texas, along with two other states, now running second to trump ... cruz says: "i understand the folks who are supporting donald right now. you're angry. you're angry at washington, and he uses angry rhetoric. but for 40 years, donald has been part of the corruption in washington that you're angry about. " rubio showing up to the debate armed with more insults ... rubio says: "if tonight you tell the new york they will do it, and we can views immigration." the offense ahead of the march 15th critical *take-all* behind 3 ((trump/rubio/wallace exchange))trump: this guy has absentee record in the united i would like to ask you a policy question. trump: he wallace: your proposed tax people in florida do not like tag): "how the candidates do in tonight's debate could also tuesday's michigan primary... where 59 gop delegates are on the line. in washington, joel
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3 (walter) now two of those candidates have something *new to worry about. today, a judge in south florida will hear a case... about whether ted cruz and marco rubio are *eligible to run for president. it all comes down to the meaning of the phrase "natural born citizen"... and how it applies to both men. rubio was born in miami... to cuban immigrants... who weren't american citizens at the time. and cruz was born in canada... to an american mother, and a cuban-born father. the family moved to texas when cruz was four. a lawsuit claims both men
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citizens... and claims that doesn't meet the requirements for the presidency. 3 (walter their rival, donald trump, will *be in florida this weekend. he has a rally planned at the university of central florida in orlando tomorrow. doors open at nine, and the event should start by noon... at the "c-f-e" arena. 3 (walter) developing this morning: a local congressman is taking on a tech giant. u-s representative "david that would *ban the government, from buying *apple fallout from apple's refusal to break into the i-phone belonging to the san bernardino shooters... and because of that, jolly says: taxpayers shouldn't support the company. 3 (jen jolly announced the proposed leglislation thursday morning. his bill would *ban *any federal agency from buying apple devices. the fbi wants apple to help them break into "syed farook's" locked i-phone... he's one of the san bernardino shooters. but the compnay says: it would have to create special software to do that. apple c-eo, tim cook, says: that
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security... if the new software fell into the wrong hands. but jolly says: this is about unlocking *just *one *phone. "they're standing in the terrorism on our soil. this is an order for apple to prevent the deletion of what communications between a terrorist and his partners." 3 apple complies with the court order, he would drop the already has support in congress. 3 (jen it looks like tampa will do what other cities have done... and *de-criminalize small amounts of marijuana. the issue was up for discussion at tampa city council, thursday... and the public got to add their two-cents. most of the council-members seem to be in favor of lessening the punishment for possession. the tampa police department is onboard, too. right now, as a first-time offender, you can be fined up-to one- thousand dollars... have your license suspended and spend up-to a year in jail. it
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record. now tampa is considering an ordinance that offenders 75-dollars, if or less. repeat offenders would be charged 450-dollars. the council should vote on this, next month. 3 a brother and sister are expected to face a judge this afternoon... after deputies say they robbed a girl scout selling cookies outside a deltona walmart. 3 'ashley winters' are facing multiple charges. the volusia county sheriff's office says they snatched a metal cash box right out of a girl scout's hands on sunday. the cash box had about 200- dollars in it. multiple tips led to warrants for their arrest... including one from winters' husband. both 'delbrugge' and 'winters' turned themselves in wednesday afternoon. they are being charged with robbery by sudden snatching and petit theft. 3 3 new this morning... florida's gas tax is one of the highest in the nation. right now... a gallon of gas is taxed nearly 37-cents-- that's a state average. it's the 7th highest tax in the country. pennsylvania
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more than 50-cents a gallon... the lowest is 12-cents in alaska. those numbers doesn't include the federal gas tax of 18-point-4 cents- per-gallon. the state gas tax funds road construction, maintenance, and other improvements. 3 (jen) more bad news about taxes. this year's school shopping sales tax holiday... is going to be much shorter... and won't cover nearly as many items. 3 (jen the state is scaling-back the "back-to-school" tax holiday from *10 days... to just three. it will run from friday, august fifth... through sunday, august seventh. during that time, shoppers can buy clothes and school supplies without paying a sales tax. but this year, the clothing break is stricter. it applies to clothes that cost 60-dollars or less. last year, it covered clothes 100-dollars or less. the tax holiday also won't cover *computers this year. it did last year. state lawmakers say: they had to make changes, because they had set-aside less money for tax cuts, during budget negotiations. 3 3 ((walter)) now to the changing view in st. petersburg... the skyline is about to *grow... in a big way. they're breaking ground today... on what could
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((walter fox-13's shayla reaves is in downtown st. pete right now... shayla... this could re-define the whole area... tell us about what's coming. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 thanks, shayla. 3 ((jen)) well here's good news on a weekend...((walter)) skip the *cardio... go for *cabernet! turns out *wine... can help you lose
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3 ((walter and... it's the night the lights went out in *utah... the *police lights that is. what happened when an officer pulled-over super-star gladys knight... he'll never forget it. 3 3 3 3 3
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new this morning... a deadly car bomb has killed 2 police officers in turkey.
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the car bomb targeted a police station and officer lodgings. two police officers were killed... and 4 other people were hurt in the explosion. the 4 people who were wounded are in serious condition. 3 3 (walter what really caused the death of whitney houston's daughter, bobbi kristina? we could finally get those answers today. a judge in atlanta has agreed to *un-seal the autopsy report. media lawyers argued that keeping it sealed *violates state and federal laws. bobbi kristina brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub more than a year ago. she died months later in hospice care. 3 (walter there's new data about super-bugs this morning... that might make you feel sick. the c-d-c says: hundreds of thousands of americans are getting sick in the hospital... from drug-resistant illnesses. it affects about one in 25 hospital patients... and that number goes up in facilities that provide acute care. the c-d-c says: some of this is preventable... they're urging better cleaning of surgical instruments. they say: no one should get sick from the place that's supposed to make them feel better. 3
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shows: drinking two glasses of red wine before bed... can help you lose weight. at least, that's what scientists at *harvard *medical school say. apparently, there's something in red wine that transforms fat into a form that's much easier to burn off... they studied women over a 13-year-span, and found those who drank two glasses of red wine daily, were 70-percent less likely to be overweight. so, what if you don't like wine? the same ingredient is in blueberries, strawberries and 3 grapes. cheers! 3 (jen) the "empress of *soul" proves she's all *heart. a police officer near salt lake city pulled-over a driver earlier this week, for speeding. in the passenger seat: gladys knight... yeah, *the gladys knight! officer mike roberts was star- struck... but managed to blurt out that it was his birthday. and guess what she did... she sang "happy birthday to him." and he melted.
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with just a warning. 3 3 ((anchors)) it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with mike. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 traffic.available for captioning is no closed 3
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no closed 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 ((walter)) when disaster strikes, it's easy to find help in the *beginning... ((jen)) but as time passes, people forget and move on. 3 (jen not these girls! they're super heroes! no
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help the hurting, one bucket at a time. 3 ((jen here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tomorrow's powerball jackpot is set at 40-million dollars... by the way, that winning ticket in *wednesday's drawing, was sold in *marathon, in the keys. 3 it's 5:-- good luck, and
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33 (jen) so, think super guess again... a bunch of projects... and doing good deeds all over the country. and their sweet healing hearts. 3 they're little girlsa&on a very big mission. we like help people around the world. these pint sized kids blessing buckets for tornado victims in virginia.each one.. packed with supplies they need like a little kit so if they're thirsty we have water bottles. and if they're hungry we have plates and ravioli and stuff. also inside... notes... a prayer... and something soft and special. it's a little
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to cuddle with if they're sad or anything. they're are part of a mission based program, called girls in action..and in just one year.. they've done dozens of good deed. they released prayer balloons for the victims of the paris terror attack...cleaned up a park in tarpon springs... travelled to nicaragua on a mission tripa&and helped rebuild flood damaged homes in south carolina. i think they're gonna be much more happier when they see this and know that someone cares about them.kari wagner runs the group of 40 girlsa&and sees first hand the difference they're making.. oh it's amazing. they inspire me every day. their brains are so that they believe that they can do anything. they're not jaded, they're not judgmental. so it's great to work with a group of people like that. they're already good kidsa& but girls in action teaches these girls how to be *great. we talk about how to be a better person. we talk about good decision making skills, problem solving skills, no matter your age.they're so young...and have already accomplished so much...just imagine what they'll be
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3 (jen) the girls are already working on their next project.. raising money for god's pit crew and they're planning an easter egg hunt for the sheriff's youth ranch. and they're always looking for more kids to join they're group.. just go to their facebook page, "girls in action tarpon springs." 3 ((jen)) huddle up... there's big sports news this morning.((walter)) looks like we could be party hosts again! the big game that wants to come back... to the
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on ((walter))((walter)) 3 it's 5:--, on friday, march fourth. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein... are you ready for some football? there's news from the n-f-l huddle this morning... tampa... is a finalist to host the super bowl again. 3 ((jen fox-13's alcides segui is on the story for us. alcides... we could get the big game in 20-20 or 20-21... and we have two big pluses going for us: weather, and experience. 3 3
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3 ((jen thanks, alcides. 3 3 3 3 no closed captioning is 3
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3 3 (walter) topping world news this morning: new threats from north korea. one day after firing *projectiles... their leader is ordering something *much more dangerous. 3 (walter kim jong un has ordered his military on standby for nuclear strikes at any time. the threats are part of a ramped up propaganda push between north and south korea. it's also likely a response to new u-n sanctions against the north. and u-s officials are quick to point out, that the warning might just be all talk. the navy isn't taking chances though, and just sent a fleet of ships to the region. 3 (jen) a new era begins in the american military... the pentagon is now recruiting *women, for *combat positions. 3 (jen this is a *huge
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defense secretary, ash carter: the navy is already accepting application packets from women who want to become seals... and starting this fall, women could be serving in army and marine corps infantry units. up until now, all of these duties had only been open to men. but all branches say they're ready... they've changed base bathrooms and other facilities, to accomodate women... and they'll monitor training, for sexual harassment and injuries. 3 3 job growth is steady and wages are finally picking up... but those trends will be put to the test today. the department of labor is set to release february's employment report. experts predict about 200-thousand jobs were added last month. the unemployment rate is also expected to stay low at 4-point-9-percent. today's report will be closely watched by presidential candidates. it's a key to gauging whether or not the economy is extending it's 6-and-a-half year rebound from the great recession. 3 hunters could be allowed to target grizzlies yellowstone-area. the obama administration is proposing to lift federal
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they were set more than 4 decades ago. if the federal protections are lifted... it would leave their status up to state wildlife and wyoming. hunting directly inside yellowstone allowed. a final decision will be made within a year. (jen today at cape canaveral... spacex hopes to *finally get its falcon nine rocket off the ground. this launch has already been scrubbed *four times, for various reasons. everything from altitude to wind shear has gotten in the way.. even a boat near the landing zone. today's launch window starts at 6-46 p-m, and lasts for 90-minutes... the rocket is delivering a communications satellite... they're also trying to land it on a floating platform... about 30-minutes *after the launch. 3 3 (walter and... exciting news for fans of "star wars"... and disney world. park officials announced thursday: construction on the new "star wars land" will begin... next month! the announcement came during a shareholders meeting, thursday. the new attraction will be built in the hollywood
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there will be a "millenium falcon" flight simulator... and another ride where you get to battle stormtroopers! plus restaurants and shops... and even a "cantina bar"... it should be ready in about two-years. 3 3 (walter) say it with me friends: it's *friday! (jen) and we're ready to get our weekend get our and we're ready (jen) *friday! (jen) 3 and we're ready to get our weekend on... let's dig into this week's "good day goodies." 3 "i'm russell rhodes...bright, golden haze on the medder" "and tomorrow kelly will undock...and urine
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3 ((jen)) he'd been sitting there for two years... just waiting for a chance to talk to someone.((walter)) well finally, this homeless man got his wish... and what happened next, is so inspiring. frederick's story, after
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3 (jen) a couple of weeks ago we told you the story about rocky... a homeless man who got a job on clearwater beach, thanks to a good samaritan. (walter) "rocky" became a sensation... he even spent the morning with us here on good day. well, this morning... another happy story to tell you about... that comes with a twist... here's russell. 3 (russell) it's a sad fact of modern society... we
5:44 am
places... but a couple in california didn't just pass him by... they went to talk with him... and he surprised them. 3 (russell the man... frederick callison... was sitting outside a store... holding a bunch of papers. they were *resumes... he's been out there... trying to get a job... for two years. but few people would approach him, much less take a resume. well, a man and his fiancee *did talk with frederick... they say: he started telling them about his work experience, as if he were at a job interview... and he had his social security card and food handler's license on him... he was ready to go. well, *they couldn't help him find a restaurant job, but they posted pictures and his story on social media... and sure enough, someone called... and offered frederick a job as a cook at a pizza place. he was *thrilled... in fact, he stayed up late, studying the menu. 3 (russell) the restaurant gave frederick new clothes to wear, and one of his new co-workers is letting him stay at his place, until he can
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3 3 it's now 5:__. time to check 3 the forecast with mike. 3 3
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3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 (walter in sports this 3 morning... the rays got a big win thursday... in their second spring training matchup.
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on the baltimore orioles... rays pitcher "erasmo ramirez" had two scoreless innings... and gave-up just one hit. and the rays' bats were hot r-b-i double for desmond jennings. and later in corey dickerson sent one flying onto the roof of the rays offices. that ball landed about 569-feet away from home plate. the rays win, 10-to-3.... and are headed to fort myers today, to face the red sox. 3 ((walter)) well, no team's been better the last two months in the eastern conference, than the lightning. no moves at the trade deadline were needed... this team is hitting its stride. 3 (walter last night against ottawa: second period... cedric paquette got his own rebound... scored... fifth of the season. then, late in the second, the tyler johnson wrap-around is *stopped, but ondrej palat is there to put
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ondrej palat is around is *stopped, but ondrej palat is there to put it back...bolts up two-nothing. lightning kept up the pressure... forced the turnover... nikita kucherov is there for the goal... his 25th... stamkos added an empty-netter... ben bishop with 33-saves... yeah, this team looks good. lightning win, 4-1... and it's their 8th straight victory... tying a team record. 3 (walter and... score! more than 13-thousand fans were on-hand in raymond james stadium, to watch the u-s women's national soccer team, take-on england. crustal dunn with the missile shot to the upper corner... england's goal-tender had no chance... one-zip, u-s-a. england with the corner kick... but hope solo easily pulls it in... and that's the game... u-s-a wins one-zero... they're tough right now. they've given-up just *one goal in their last 11-matches. 3 3 (jen) it sounds like
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detective, with the unique criminals. but in this st. pete right now... teaching police employees his special skill. 3 ((jen "eliott perrott" is a "super-recognizer." that means he has a natural ability to recognize and remember faces. he's training a few st. pete officers and staffers who have been tested for the important. with cameras popping up everywhere, there are lots of images to scan and study. and with the right training, humans can be really good and finding what, and *who, they're looking for. 3 "we find that humans outperform facial recognition software completely. let's put it in perspective. we had one identification from facial recognition software last year, and since may of last year unit which is a team of four made 1,300.." --jen and get this: 3 the st. pete police department will be the *first in this nation to officially apply
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should be up and running in a few weeks. 3 ((jen and speaking of st. petersburg... there's some hidden history downtown that you probably don't even know about. two big buildings... that people can't even see! we'll unwrap the mystery, after the break. 3 inary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. mix arugula, fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges. smile and serve. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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again! saut\ fresh zucchini, squash and tomatoes. it's sure to be a family favorite. visit for great recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. 3 "on the road again... just can't wait to get on the
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and i can't wait to get on the road again." --jen 3 he's on the road, and stopping here... the legendary 3 willie nelson plays ruth eckerd hall tonight... at 82, he's recorded more than *60 studio albums... and he doesn't plan to retire anytime soon. the show starts tonight at eight. 3 ((walter)) now to the mysterious tale of "hidden st. petersburg." there are two most people don't even see. ((jen)) that's because they've been hidden behind a "screen" for *decades. years old... and fox-13's steve nichols tells us: even though they're *historic, they may also be *doomed. 3 stallings took pictures of downtown st. pete's snell buildings...right across they're hidden behind a second
5:56 am
have a project here for school, and i never knew that that was below the skin of that across the street..." who knows how many people have walked right by the national bank of st. petersburg and the taller phiel building...named for abram phiel...early st. pete business leader and 1912's mayor. with a special seat in the st. pete museum of history... he paid $400 for that first airplane ride on the beniot back in january 1914 so he's the first passenger ever on the world's first commercial airliner..." they're making the moves now to demolish it. oh cool. you mean the skin? the whole thing? oh that's a shame..." potential redevelopment of this block has been brokered by today's mayor... who convinced beneficiaries of the phiel family trust to take $10 million now from a real estate trust...which is otherwise on the hook for a land lease paying $700,000 a year for the next 40 years....the ability to demolish has to be there for this deal to go through..." preservationists object every step of the way. so far the powers that be are winning every step of the way. because one fact survives a century... all in that fourth and central area, that's where the heart of the business district was being built..." you're talking central avenue and fourth, i mean it's right in the heart of downtown..." if you could tear off that metal wow- ok i can kind of see it now..." so if you wish take a closer in st. petersburg, steve 3
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3 there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 this morning, crews are breaking ground on st pete's newest building. once it's complete, it will also be the city's tallest ... fox 13's shayla reaves will give us a look at one st petersburg. 3 a crude joke is raising eyebrows after last night's g-o-p debate ... have donald trump's rivals finally gotten under his skin.? 3 and, a solar-powered plane takes flight after being grounded for months. the
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the world. 3 3 3 stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream
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in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam.
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3 3 cruz says: "let me point out donald actually (trump interrupts) breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it, p p>> let me point out we don't pactually care. p>> that's not what you said. p>> donald, please, i know it's phard not to interrupt. pbreathe, breathe, breathe. pyou can do it. pyou can breathe. pi know it's hard. pi know it's hard but just -- p>> when they're done with the pyoga class -- p>>russell: okay. panother bizarre blowout at a pg.o.p. debate. pdonald trump fuming after a pbarrage of attacks. p11-year-old cold case. pa man gunned down on his way to


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